Leisure Play Piano


Theme’s Leisure Playing Program is a unique course designed for adults and teenagers who wish to learn the piano. This program makes piano playing more enjoyable and rewarding by using vast and popular repertoire including Christmas carols, Hollywood chart toppers across decades, movie theme songs and a lot more. By using such engaging repertoire, we move beyond the typical academic and exam-oriented approach and give students the opportunity to explore musical concepts with practical relevance. Students are also provided with ample performance opportunities to share their skill and growth, and experience collaborating with other musicians.

The pieces in this program are played with lively and carefully designed backing tracks that create an exciting and thriving classroom experience. The group learning format also contributes to peer motivation and helps students perform and explore new music together. 

Students enrol as beginners entering the program into one of the following three age levels (Entry Points). Each group batch consists of students in the same Entry Point.

Annual Concerts and quarterly recitals provide our students with a platform to perform, in front of a large audience of parents, relatives and friends, thus introducing them to the world of performance. Students are also encouraged to participate in our annual competitions and quizzes which provides them with exposure to students from across all Theme Centers nationally. Leisure Play students are considered to be a part of the contemporary music department and participate in all external venue recitals with guitar and voice students.

All students are required to complete performance objectives during their level as part of their assessments.

Entry Point 1: Ages 13 to 15 years

Entry Point 2: Ages 16 to 22 years

Entry Point 3: Ages 23 onwards

LPP LevelStarting Age/Sessions in LevelPerformance Criteria
Level 1Entry Point 1 / 44
Entry Point 2 / 44
Entry Point 3 / 44
2 Internal Recitals
1 External Recital
Auditioning for the Annual Concert
Level 2Entry Point 1 / 44
Entry Point 2 / 4
Entry Point 3 / 44
2 Internal Recitals
1 External Recital
Auditioning for the Annual Concert

All LPP lessons are one hour in duration with a maximum of 4 students in the batch. 

Each level has a certain number of buffer lessons included that enable teachers to revise concepts, cover-up missed lessons*, prepare students for recitals and examinations and allocate additional time to all students as required.

All classes consist of structured lesson plans and homework material. A weekly objective report is sent to parents/students detailing class performance and areas of improvement.

*Conditions Apply. Please refer to Rules and Regulations

**Class timings available:

Weekdays: 3 pm to 7 pm

Weekends: 11 am to 6 pm

(**Subject to slot availability, timings may vary by branch)

  1. Introduction to beat, rhythm and pitch using exciting percussive beats and singing
  2. Learning to focus on posture and agility while playing
  3. Reading music
  4. Learning to identify and play in different time signatures
  5. Exploring repertoire and decoding the creative elements and mood of pieces
  6. Learning to transpose music into different scales- by ear 
  7. Learning to improvise to a chord progression
  8. Playing with backing tracks to experience playing with a band/ ensemble 
  9. Group lessons to engage collaborative learning 
  10. Multiple performance opportunities

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