Violin Programs


The Theme Violin Program is geared toards beginner or intermediate level students of all ages (starting 6 years onwards) who wish to pursue studies in western classical violin. The program prepares students towards mastering basic technique, playing skills, music theory and building a basic repertoire that is suitable for their respective age and level. The objective of the program is to:
1. Prepare students towards graded violin examinations from LCM
2. Prepare students to be able to play a variety of pieces at their level

All Violin lessons are solo lessons of 45 minutes each (1 hour in case of Grades 7 and above). Fee is charged quarterly and due to the nature of the learning involved, is open ended. Students work towards both goals,as detailed above and progress at their own pace. Learning the violin typically involves a greater time and effort commitment and therefore, our violin programs are not time bound or lesson specific.

All classes consist of structured lesson plans* and homework material. A monthly report is sent to students detailing class performance and areas of improvement.

*Conditions Apply. Please refer to Rules and Regulations
**Class timings available:

Weekdays – 3 pm to 7 pm

Weekends: 11 am to 6 pm

(**Subject to slot availability, timings may vary by branch)

Please contact your nearest branch for further details on assessments, lessons, faculty profiles and available timings.

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